The military oath for the Red Army soldier.



As a citizen of the USSR,
Joining the Red Army, of Workers and Peasants,
swear to be an honorable,
brave - disciplined vigilant soldier
to observe military and state secrets,
and to obey faithfully,
all miltary regulations,
and orders from superions.
I swear, to learn constienctiously,
the miltary art,
to protect miltary and state property,
and to my last breath,
To dedicate to myself,
to my people,
to my Soviet country,
and to the government,
of workers and peasents.

I will always be prepared,
to act in defence of my country,
on the orders of, the government of Workers and Peasants,
and as a soldier of the red army,
I swear to protect my country,
with still dignity and honour,
not sparing my blood,
or my life itself,
in order to achieve,
final victory over the enermy.

Should I knowingly break this oath,
let me be suspect to,
the full weight and power,
of soviet law,
and an object of contempt,
to the workers of the U.S.S.R.