Welcome to our Video Page. The unit not only take photographs at events but now take video footage which can be viewed via 'YouTube! Click on the thumbnail pictures. Take a look at our very own Promotional Videos below. Click on the GUARDS BADGES.
NIKOLSKOE - (Outskirts of St PETERSBERG) RUSSIA - January 2007

This video clip was taken by one of our Russian Comrades during which, members of the 2nd Guards Rifle Division took part in this Russian public battle display in temperatures of minus 15 degrees! This battle display was a re-creation of the original battle which took place here in 1944 as the Red Army smashed through the German encirclement of what was named at the time, LENINGRAD. Filmed on the original site and using the German bunker and trenches.

FORT NELSON - Nr Portsmouth - April 4/5th 2010 -

A popular place for the unit who took part in the battle skirmish and a weapons demonstration.

Battle Display.
BUNKER BASH - Kelvendon Hatch, Essex - May 15/16th 2010

The unit has use of a trench system at this event which we have spent many hours digging and expanding our living history display.

BUNKER BASH - Kelvendon Hatch - Essex - May 21st & 22nd 2011

Germans attack a Russian trench.

BUSHEY HALL - Watford - Herts - April 13/14th 2013 Training and living history Videos.
PEAK RAIL - Derbyshire - 3/4th August 2013 Russian Dancing.
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Promotional video for the 2nd Guards Rifle Division. August 2014.
Promotional Video showing the unit at Military Odyssey and the Victory show 2014.