Welcome to the web site of the The 2nd Guards Rifle Division who a friendly reenactment group who          represent the Red Army of the Great Patriotic War - 1941 - 1945. The unit has been established for over twenty          years and has a strong growing membership and attend quality shows. You may be young or the experienced in life, why not come along and visit the unit at one of our events and if you want to join us for a day or weekend, we may be able to loan you Red Army uniform and equipment. Latest Pictures - Bushey Hall & Ashby Battle

          THE RED ARMY: Were taken by surprise when the Wehrmacht invaded the Soviet Union on 22nd June 1941. The German Blitzkrieg pushed the         Red Army back who suffered huge losses in the Germans drive deep into the Russia. German units advanced as far as the out skirts of Moscow but         were beaten back by Red Army Siberian troops.

In August 1942 Hitler directed the 4th Panzer Army towards Stalingrad. The Red Army & Red Navy defenders made the German 6th Army, who held most of the city, pay a high price as they defended and fought for every street, every house and every room.
The Soviet defenders were supplied with reinforcements, weapons and supplies from across the river Volga and were able to contain the 6th Army. The Red Army eventually surrounded the German 6th Army who were 'cut off' and surrendered with their 'Allies' on 2nd February 1943. Over two German armies were destroyed and wiped from the order of battle. Now the Red Army went over to the offensive!

           After Stalingrad the Wehrmacht attacked the area around Prokhovkha near Kursk in July 1943.          The Red Army was ready for this massive tank battle, which is still the largest tank battle to          date. The battle was planned for July and consisted of 2 million troops, hundreds of thousands of armoured vehicles and tanks, artillery and thousands of Aircraft. After two weeks of attrition with both sides taking heavy losses, the Germans retreated, they had lost many troops, equipment and command of the skies. From then on, the Wehrmacht were on the defensive!

'After Stalingrad the Russians knew that the Germans could be beaten, but after Kursk, they knew that they would win'


          The 'Batttle of Berlin' cost 350,000 casualties to the Red Army in capturing the Reich capital and to hoist the Red Flag over the Reichstag. Hitlers         Wehrmacht were defeated on land, sea and air by superior equipment, numbers, quality, experience and military tactics, but at an estimated cost of
        30 million lives.

         Is the single largest Red Army re-enactment group in the UK and Europe, who Boast          over 60 members!
We participate in a number of Living History events at military shows nationwide and throughout the year. Much of the uniforms and equipment items are of original Soviet issue in order to maintain a high level of authenticity, but quality reproductions are available; new members are given advice on acquiring uniforms and equipment. Join our forum and see our Links page.
Unit members receive a bi-monthly newsletter, the Krasnaya Zvazda (Red Star). We participate in a number events through out the year and some may ivolve our participation in a public battle display. We have had annual unit trips abroad which have included Russia, Finland, Czech Republic and Germany.
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Members of N.A.Re.S The National Association of Re-enactment Societies
Winners of the Military Illustrated Best Living History Award 2000.
Winners for the Best Public Interaction Award - Military Odyssey 2004.
Winners of Best Display award - Belvoir Castle 2006 - 2007 & 2008.
Winners of Best Display Festival of the Fourties– 2013.
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