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Army Commander Visits Jaisalmer Military Station | Jaipur News

JAISALMER: The Commander-in-Chief General Officer of the Southern Command, Lieutenant-General JS Nain reviewed the readiness and operational-level activities at the Battle Ax division. Nain visited the Jaisalmer military station on a two-day trip, reviewed the operational readiness of formations defending the western borders in the desert sector.
He was briefed by senior training commanders on various military aspects. The Senior Commander of Konark Corp, Lieutenant General PS Minhas and Major General Ajeet Singh Gahlot of the Battle Ax GOC Division were present with the Army Commander during the visit.
During the visit, the Harbir Sainik Institute was inaugurated. It was named after the martyr Harbir Singh, who was the hero of the Battle of Laungewala. Harbir Singh was a tank driver and played an important role in the battle.
Defense spokesman Lt. Col. Amitabh Sharma said: “The army commander has witnessed combat maneuvers of mechanized formations in a fluid battlefield environment, operationalization of technologies. future in the conduct of military operations at the tactical and operational level.
“The Army Commander urged all ranks to be constantly prepared for any challenge, to remain professionally strong and competent, and to constantly evolve tactics, techniques and procedures to wage future wars,” a- he added.
The spokesperson said: “He also visited the units located at the Jaisalmer military station, interacted with the troops and appreciated the efforts of all ranks to maintain high morale and operational readiness at all times. ”