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British Army commander reportedly leaked classified plans to upgrade tank in War Thunder

A British War Thunder player who also serves in his country’s armed forces could be in hot water after apparently posting classified British military documents with the aim of upgrading the Challenger 2 tank in the game.

War Thunder is a multiplayer military vehicle combat simulation produced by Gaijin Entertainment that allows players to get behind the wheel and compete against each other with various tanks, trucks, planes and ships from various countries including the UK

As in any online game, WT players always hope that their preferred vehicle pick will be next in line for a buff, and perhaps in an effort to get developers to move up the UK tree faster, a user who says he is a member of the British Armed Forces have in fact posted classified specs for the Challenger 2 main battle tank on the game forums.

Gaijin Entertainment

The Challenger 2 is one of the best British tanks in War Thunder, but apparently not good enough.

You read correctly. According to the UK Defense Journal, a user calling himself “Tidworth” – who describes himself as the commander of a real Challenger 2 tank – published parts of the vehicle’s army equipment support publication (such as the owner’s manual for a car, but for a tank) on the official War Thunder forums.

It’s also worth mentioning that Tidworth is a town in England which is the headquarters of the Royal Tank Regiment, which operates the Challenger 2.

UKDJ reported that the now deleted post included images from the manual, with the ‘UK RESTRICTED’ tag blacked out and an ‘UNCLASSIFIED’ mark apparently added after the fact.

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Posting Classified Military Documents on a Public Video Game Forum, What Could Go Wrong?

“The cover, for example, had pretty much obscured everything except CHALLENGER 2,” one forum user said, which begs the question: why would anyone post online what definitely appears to be classified material? To try and improve their favorite tank, of course.

Tidworth said they had a serious issue with a very specific part of the Challenger 2’s in-game design (a Tier VII tank in WT). So, claiming to be a true commander of the actual vehicle, they decided to publish the classified manual in all its technical glory to substantiate their argument.

Gaijin Entertainment

Gaijin actually has a protocol for handling classified documents.

While Gaijin prides itself on having fairly accurate models of tanks and other military vehicles, they haven’t really welcomed this secret information with open arms. But, with a fan base made up of people who love military technology, it’s no surprise the company has had to deal with classified documents before.

“The last time such a document was shared which was claimed to be ‘unrated’ it was in fact still filed and has been confirmed that it should never have been shared,” replied a forum moderator. . “We make it very clear that we will not process any source material unless it is publicly available and fully declassified with the rights to prove it.”

Gaijin Entertainment

Sorry, British tree fans. The Challenger 2 will not receive an upgrade despite Tidworth’s best efforts.

Gaijin staff then added that they had received “written confirmation from the Department of Defense that this document was kept confidential,” so of course they quickly deleted the post and urged Tidworth to stop posting, all in him. also recalling the consequences.

“By continuing to broadcast it you are violating the Official Secrets Law as indicated by the disclaimer on the cover of the document, an offense of up to 14 years in prison if prosecuted,” Gaijin mods recalled. at Tidworth. “Every time you post this you are putting us (Gaijin International Representatives), especially all UK citizens, in hot water because the warning so usefully states that unauthorized retention of a protected document is an offense . “

Now it is important to note that it may not have been a member of the British Armed Forces, but not everyone has access to classified military documents. Regardless, the Challenger 2 doesn’t appear to benefit from an in-game upgrade despite Tidworth’s best efforts.

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