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Canadian Army Commander’s Choice Latest Charged With Sexual Misconduct | Canada

The Canadian military has delayed the appointment of its next army commander after allegations of sexual misconduct were made against the man chosen for the role – the latest in a series of senior officers subject to conduct investigation.

Lieutenant-General Trevor Cadieu was to be sworn in as head of the Canadian army in a ceremony in early September. But this event was called off after the army learned of “historic allegations” against Cadieu.

In a joint statement, the Department of National Defense and the Canadian Forces said Acting Chief of Staff Gen. Wayne Eyre was briefed on the investigation two days before Cadieu took command of the army.

Military police confirmed on Wednesday they were investigating Cadieu, but said no further details would be provided.

Cadieu denied the allegations.

“The allegations are false, but they must be fully investigated to reveal the truth,” he said in a statement. “I believe that all complaints should be professionally investigated, regardless of the rank of the accused.”

Cadieu said that upon learning of the investigation, he asked the country’s senior acting soldier to “consider choosing another leader” for the military.

In recent months, a number of senior military personnel have been implicated in sexual misconduct investigations.

In February, military police opened an investigation into former Defense Chief of Staff Jonathan Vance for allegations of sexual misconduct. Vance has been charged with obstructing justice in connection with the misconduct investigation.

Adm Art McDonald, Vance’s replacement, has also been investigated into allegations of sexual misconduct. Military police say they have not found any evidence to support the charge against McDonald, who is on administrative leave.

Major-General Dany Fortin, responsible for rolling out the vaccine in the country, was formally charged with sexual assault in August.

Major General Peter Dawe, who once provided a character reference to a soldier convicted of sexual assault, was recently appointed to help the military respond to sexual misconduct. He was dismissed from his post after public outrage.

In May, Lt. Col. Eleanor Taylor, one of the country’s most senior female soldiers, resigned, saying he was “disgusted” by the military’s repeated failures to tackle abuses within its ranks.

The Cadieu controversy only underscores the Liberal government’s failure to stamp out sexual harassment in the military, said opposition leaders, who renewed their calls for the resignation of Defense Minister Harjit Sajjan.

New Democratic Party Leader Jagmeet Singh said in a statement that Sajjan and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had “consistently failed military women – and Canadians – by appointing and protecting men who are not equipped or who do not do not wish to change the status quo ”.

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