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US Army Commander visits GS Precision in Brattleboro | Community News

BRATTLEBORO – GS Precision was visited by U.S. Army Airman Col. Justin L. Highley, Commander, Technology Development Branch – Aviation, Systems Integration Branch, at Ft. Eustis, Va., leading development and prototyping efforts for the military aviation company.

GSP employees manufacture more than 200 parts for the T-700 engine produced by General Electric, which powers the Apache AH-64E Army attack helicopter.

On September 1, Highley made two stops at GSP en route to Virginia, coming from a previous visit to Beta Technologies in Burlington. He was invited to Brattleboro by his long-time colleague, Kurt Kwader, as the Continuous Improvement and Continuous Improvement Manager at GSP.

The first stop involved a visit to the new and improved GS Precision School of Manufacturing Technology at 343 John Seitz Drive. While there, Highley took the opportunity to address the new cohort of 15 students who were in their second week of training.

“Your proximity to the target does not necessarily correlate with your importance to the mission,” Highly said.

Highley commented on the thousands of training sorties and dozens of combat missions in which no flight failed due to partial failure. Their success “is a testament to the work you all do here and your predecessors did,” Highley said.

The next stop was just north on John Seitz Drive to 101, GSP headquarters. There, Highley spoke to a wider audience of more than 80 employees from all departments.

“The work you have done is there. The product you provided is there. That’s what makes this person successful in the field,” Highley said, touting the AH-64E as the world’s largest attack helicopter.